Creating Hope Through Action: World Suicide Prevention Day 2022

September 8, 2022

The 10th of September is World Suicide Prevention Day. The day was established in 2003 by the World Health Organisation to raise awareness of suicide and promote actions through proven means to reduce the number of suicides. Creating Hope Through Action is the theme for 2022, which aims to inspire confidence and light in all of us so that we may be able to provide hope to those who are struggling.

How can you provide hope?

Taking time to reach out to someone in your family and friends, workplace, or community could change the course of their life. Something as simple as showing someone that you care about them can help provide someone with hope. You do not need to solve problems or provide solutions, just the time and space to listen to someone about their experiences. 

Warning signs

There is not a typical pattern of behaviour for someone having suicidal thoughts, but there are some common warning signs. Some signs easy to observe than others these include: feeling empty, hopeless, or trapped, talking about dying or wanting to die, mentioning feelings of guilt and shame, social withdrawal, isolating themselves, giving away personal items, and saying goodbye to their loved ones. However, some signs are easy to miss, which include changes in behaviour, emotional distances, changes in sleeping patterns and physical pain.


If you are worried about someone, do not be afraid to ask them if they are feeling suicidal, rather than wondering if your concerns are correct. As suicide is a challenging issue to address, being hesitant is understandable. Studies have shown offering support, a listening ear, and a lack of judgement are more likely to reduce distress and provide hope.


There are many resources available for anyone who may be experiencing suicidal thoughts. Samaritans provide a 24/7 helpline on 116 123 for anyone struggling to cope and needs someone to listen to them without judgement. For more information, visit:

At Perfect Care, we offer support to all our employees with our Emotional Support and Well-Being Service. If you work at Perfect Care and are struggling professionally or personally, call Carol on 07751828989 or email

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